circuits viti-vinicoles bio dans le nord de la Bourgogne

organic wine tours in Northern Burgundy

visites en français, anglais ou espagnol | tours available in English | visitas posibles en español

Serein Terroirs, vignes d’Epineuil, Tonnerrois, automne 2015 - photo E. Bergeret Serein Terroirs, grappe de gamay, Côtes de Nuits, automne 2015 - photo E. Bergeret Serein Terroirs, bourgeon de Chardonnay à Préhy, printemps 2016 - photo E. Bergeret

Serein Terroirs offers...

• different types of visits depending
on your schedule and your desires :

An outline-introducing to the vineyard
of Tonnerre or Chablis

Wines and wine-growing Heritage
Wines & cultural Heritage

> Visits can be hold in three different languages:
French, English and Spanish

> transportation in an 8-seat air-conditioned vehicle,
i.e. max. 7, min. 2 persons or a private tour

which can also be arranged without a guided wine-tour so you can simply discover our beautiful region.

Serein Terroirs Noyers depuis la vigne du vieux Château - photo E. Bergeret


One of the most beautiful villages in France with half-timbered houses, cobbled roads, and picturesque squares, Noyers is located in a twist and turn of the Serein river, just two hours from Paris.

In the Middle Ages it was a bustling market town protected by an impressive castle built by the Lords of Noyers and later owned by the Dukes of Burgundy. It was also home to an important wine trade.

Today Noyers has about 700 inhabitants and its culture, architecture and place names still reflect its winemaking past.
The archives mention vineyards around the castle; charters show that the Lords gave vineyards and wine to monasteries and family members; old maps show the sites of surrounding vineyards; and dry stone wine cabins attest to the presence of the wine-makers of yesteryear.

In 1872 there were 142 winemakers in Noyers, with five coopers and three hoopers, but by the end of the nineteenth century winemaking in Noyers had almost disappeared.

It’s true that the soil (“terroir”) of Noyers does not have the famous Kimmeridge Clay Formation from the Jurassic age that gives the wine of Chablis its distinctive taste.

In fact Chablis is the only Appellation d’Origine Contrôlé (AOC, Label of Quality) which mentions its subsoil in its specifications.

However another type of wine can be made in the area and we are seeing a small revival of vineyards, and winemaking in Noyers with:
• the vineyard en Monts Chevraux
• the very young Patrimoine Oublie’s vineyard planted by the Noyers Old Castle association as part of a conservation of the biodiversity and wine heritage of the area.

Wine Tourism :

According to the Wine Tourism Council, this is “the meeting of wine makers or owners (cellars, castles, domains) with tourists who come to understand, taste and buy wine”.

Discover the secrets of the real Burgundy: its wine, its food and its beauty, with a tour organised by Serein Terroirs.

Based in Noyers, a beautiful medieval village in the heart of the Yonne region of Burgundy, Serein Terroirs designs tours with you in mind, for half a day, a full day or as requested focusing on the wine-growing areas around Chablis, Auxerre, Tonnerre and Châtillon-sur-Seine.

Put wine within you grasp

Serein Terroirs takes you inside the vineyards and opens the doors of wineries to help you better understand the world of wine and its language.
In small groups (max. 7 persons), you will share a unique journey to learn about the wine, culture and food heritage of the region.

Wine and the environment

We care about the future and what we will leave to future generations so we are passionate about sustainable winemaking, and the importance of respecting the soil, the plants and the environment. This is why we will introduce you to the vineyards and winemakers specialising in organic culture and biodynamics.

Peaceful wine tasting

It’s hard to combine drinking and driving! With Serein Terroirs you will discover and taste wine without risk, as we will drive you.

Serein Terroirs, Emmanuelle Bergeret
Emmanuelle Bergeret

Who we are

A trilingual translator (of English, French and Spanish), Emmanuelle Bergeret fell in love with the area and the village of Noyers-sur-Serein and decided to settle here two years ago.

After spending a year in the Jules Guyot Wine & Vineyard Institute (IUVV) at the University in Dijon and writing a paper about Noyers and its wine-growing "terroir", the idea of Serein Terroirs œnotour arose...
The Serein is the river which flows past the slopes of the Chablis Grands Crus and through other villages of the area such as Chemilly, Poilly, Montréal and Noyers.
In French, Serein means serene, i.e. calm or untroubled and we wish our tours to be relaxed and friendly.
Terroir literally means the earth or soil in French, but its meaning also extends to how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of wine.

The Yonne region of Burgundy, from Chablis and beyond, gives the local wine its own unique taste.